"Snakebite Protection Chronicles" is a unique genre-bending feature film about the plight of two college students facing the likely scenario of an encounter with a recently released rapist.

Factual interview/monologues segueing through the narrative exposes audiences to the sexual assaults many women have endured, while bolstering the appropriate rationale for the protagonist's decisions.

"Snakebite Protection Chronicles" is issue-driven entertainment that acknowledges the perpetuation of violence against women. Rather than show the acts of devastation, "Snakebite Protection Chronicles" instead focuses on how women feel about the violence they've experienced.

"Snakebite Protection Chronicles" acts in stark contrast to what's traditionally offered to mainstream audiences because Hyperfex, LLC has determined that the function of film is not simply to entertain, but to inform, educate and at times put forth solutions to relevant social issues.

To support "anti-violence against women" measures, please DONATE today to help create "Snakebite Protection" as a campaign to help stamp out the epidemic of rape in our society.