Director's Commentary

When creating any film, it is a given that you are committing yourself to a project from beginning to end. However as a writer, director and producer of issue-driven entertainment, you also must believe you can bring about change through a singular issue. When I asked people to come aboard I was asking them to do the same. The dedication and efforts by the cast and crew was truly an eye opening experience.

"Snakebite Protection Chronicles" asserts that women of all stripes have an uninhibited right to determine the best course of action to protect themselves against rape and all other violent crimes. They do not need men to decide this for them. In an America where our political and legislative processes are almost designed to take away women's rights, the time is long overdue for women to be leading the discussion.

Entertainment has the ability to force us as a society to recognize ways we can improve our way of life both individually and collectively. It can encourage and affect true change. "Snakebite Protection Chronicles" is the first film of its kind, in that it steps aside so that women can not only explain how they feel, but make sure someone is listening.

When we examine life through issues it allows for the formation of ideas that can ensure that we become a better society than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today.

Raymond McMillan
Hyperfex, LLC.